In 2013 we sold 7 of our 8 puppies.  We did keep 1 female for “quality assurance”!  She is now our 2nd female that we have bred and we have thoroughly enjoyed her. In 2016 we kept a male from Chocolate’s litter in order to have another hunting companion, and then later another female Annie to be able to continue this line.  They have all been a great addition to our family.

Our pup from 2013 "chocolate" on the Left
Our pup from 2013 “chocolate” on the Left

Here are what some of our previous customers  have said:

 We are in LOVE with him!  He certainly has the most personality of any dog I have ever owned…and I adore that about him!  We have been in a puppy obedience class through the college here and Bill plans to work with him over the Summer.  I’m sure Bill mentioned, he loves the snow and spent the Winter snowshoeing with me on the mountain!  He truly is an amazing dog!  – claire

 We absolutely love Eva!  She has a ton of spunk and so smart.  We hunted with her last fall and winter and she showed a lot of natural instinct and love of being outside.  She is incredibly fast and agile, too.  She learns quickly, was easy to house train and rarely has an accident.  She just finished her first heat cycle and handled being crated during the day very well.  – Katy

She is such a good dog so smart and learns
fast. Loves the water and is not gun shy. She points birds in the yard
and out at the lake. I am so excited for hunting season this year just
to watch my puppy work. Thank you so much for selling her to us our
lives would not be the same without her. We love her very much !!!!!!- previous client

We are happy to provide references via email if you contact us directly.